Amistad Británico-Mexicana I.A.P.

Amistad Britanico-Mexicana

Amistad Britanico-Mexicana

Amistad Britanico-Mexicana

Who are we?

Amistad Britanico-Mexicana (Amistad) is a Mexican registered charity founded by a group of British and Mexican residents two days after the earthquake that devastated Mexico City in September 1985, with the aim of supporting reconstruction projects in education and health care.

For more than 30 years, Amistad has received the support of people from all walks of life and diverse nationalities, all committed to helping communities of greatest need in Mexico.

Amistad's is honoured to have as its Patron since 2002, His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales and its honorary presidency is held by the British Ambassador in Mexico, Corin Robertson.

What do we do?

  • We help improve the quality of educational services offered by public schools in primary, secondary and high-school levels across Mexico, rebuilding and improving infrastructure, donating equipment and also training teachers.
  • We help improve the quality of health services offered by institutions to needy communities in Mexico City and the state of Guerrero, rebuilding and improving infrastructure and donating equipment.
  • We respond to natural disasters across Mexico during the reconstruction phase.
  • We advise, implement and enhance Social Responsibility projects for companies who have commercial activity in Mexico and who are committed to assisting their communities.

Amistad - Príncipe de Gales

How do we do it?

  • We carry out our work thanks to generous (tax deductible) donations.  These donations may be individual monthly or annual donations from members of the public or donations by companies for ongoing projects or for specific campaigns in the event of a recent natural disaster.
  • We abide by international transparency laws and we are a registered Mexican charity.

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Amistad Britanico-Mexicana promotes the  improvement of Mexican education and health institutions which need support to carry out their activities, and especially after they have been devastated by natural disasters.



To be a leading institution in generating positive change in the education and health care sectors in Mexico.



To promote the creation of dignified spaces in education and health care institutions in Mexico where they can better deliver their services.


  • Support educational and health care institutions affected by natural disasters.
  • Create improved spaces where educational and health care services can be provided.
  • Train staff within educational institutions so they can provide a higher standard of education.
  • Promote a culture for social responsibility in Mexico with national and foreign companies already established in the country and those looking to begin operations.
  • Strengthen the bilateral cultural relationship between the United Kingdom and Mexico through the engagement with communities, social responsibility, corporate partnerships and the historical bond between both nations.



Solidarity: Human nature dictates our passion to support one another in times of need, especially after natural disasters.



Brotherhood: The historical bond between the United Kingdom and Mexico which translates into a strong and lasting friendship (Amistad).



Gratitude: Reciprocity from the business sector towards society by way of corporate social reasonability.



Honesty: The guiding principle behind our activities and our projects.



Consistency: Continuity in the support we provide, resulting in improvements and long term tangible benefits to the communities we serve.


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